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The years I got hit in the face [wear it quickly]

"Why not" Jiang Yue put the knife away threw away the cigarette butt and lit a new one "Often a lot of the key points are in the details I don't like to miss them It's like you're trying to put together a missing puzzle You can see what's on the picture but there's always a corner missing which is uncomfortable to see" "But I still don't want to fill in the missing place for you I just want you to look uncomfortable" Ke Dahao has a kind of meaning that fake ficus tree I just don't agree with it and you can do whatever you want Jiang Yue raised his eyebrows took out the cigarette in his mouth and aimed the burning cigarette butt at his eyes "Sometimes you have to think about it before you say it" Como took one look at him and suddenly leaned over to him and Jiang Yueyue immediately removed the cigarette butt He rushed over and lay on Jiang Yue's lap laughing strangely Hold it steady before you speak Now I can believe that you don't remember if it was in the past you would probably let me bump into it and then get up and leave indifferently leaving a neuropathy

When he finished speaking he buried his head between Jiang Yue's legs Jiang Yue couldn't stand his close contact and immediately pushed his head He tilted his head and smiled at Jiang Yue "Don't threaten me I don't like that If you want to ask me you can change a means" Use some He closed his eyes and opened them slowly lazily and seductively hinting at Jiang Yue "tender means" Jiang Yue looked at him for a long time with an expressionless face "It's time and it's really time to use some tender means" He stood up kicked Como away and agreed "Then let's have some adult warmth" Como lay on the ground staring at him with one eye silk ficus tree open Which would you like braised beef noodles or seafood noodles Jiang Yue ignored his eyes stepped over him began to turn over his room and brought the topic back "Didn't you buy yourself some instant noodles and put them in the room" His stomach made a hungry sound and the tension of the previous confrontation disappeared in an instant Como did not think that the warmth of adults was this kind of warmth He closed his eyes and was too lazy to speak Jiang Yue was really hungry He wanted to find something to eat in Como's room He went to a corner and saw something covered by white cloth He opened the white cloth

It was just an unintentional move but unexpectedly it was such a small episode that made him fall into the ice cellar The lazy eyes suddenly opened wide when they touched something under the white cloth and then they became shocked and the whole person was stiff there and the white cloth in his hand could not be held and slipped from his fingers to the ground Chapter 29 who is the first world/murderer The white cloth of the fingertips fell on the dark gray concrete floor piled up into a broken white rose the gap between the folds was too large showing the appearance of decay outdoor ficus tree The calm at the beginning like a falling mirror became fragmented in an instant What appeared in front of him was clearly reflected in his eyes which shocked him and gave him a heavy blow which made him unable to recover for a long time Como watched his expression and his bound hands began to clench uneasily The pale lips trembled gently and Jiang Yue opened his mouth in disbelief "Jiang" Ning He bent down and looked at the altered features of the man in the place where the paper and paint were piled up reached for an oil portrait of a European woman and turned out the half-exposed jar under the pressure of the scroll I didn't kill him Como turned his head to him and said "I found him by the river I was afraid you wouldn't come to see me so I brought him back and gave him to you as a gift when you didn't come" Jiang Yue didn't listen to a word of his words He stared at the head in the jar Suddenly there was an indescribable feeling in his heart It was like being strangled and unable to breathe The sour feeling went straight to his throat It made him feel like a fish out of water No matter how hard he tried to breathe he could not feel oxygen and relaxation His eyes were hot and he did not know what was hot Jiang Yue should have been afraid of holding the glass jar but in the face of the abnormal white head in the liquid of the jar there was no fear in his heart only the emotion that forced him to roar

Like sad like relief This kind of emotion is too complicated and it's not like he should have feelings at all He is not familiar with Jiang Ning Jiang Ning to him is only a stranger who has met twice how can he have such complex emotions Is this feeling the original owner The original owner has disappeared why can there be emotional residue Uncomfortable Too uncomfortable The jar in his hand seemed to weigh a thousand pounds so heavy that his faux ficus tree arms trembled He held the glass jar in his arms somewhat absent-minded and anxious Is this Jiang Ning Yes yes Jiang Heng is at home leaving is Jiang Ning this person is Jiang Ning He asked himself in his heart and answered himself nervously about ten seconds later four big characters appeared in his mind occupying all his brain-Jiang Ning is dead He felt in his heart that the most likely candidate had died before he could say his name With such a miserable appearance he withdrew from the complicated performance and left the stage How did he die Did you die after you left the Shen family

Why did he hit Wu Yi And who killed him for what Countless thoughts flashed through Jiang Yue's mind There were so many questions he wanted to ask but the moment he opened his mouth he only said "Can you kill him" His voice rose a lot and he growled at the other side with an unbearable sharpness I said no I found him by the river three days ago Como's earnest expression didn't look like he was lying to him What channel did you find it in! Which person kills a person to be able to throw without disguise where to let others discover so easily! Jiang Yue put down the jar picked up the knife and his eyes changed

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